Re: [Full-disclosure] Exploiting memory corruption vulnerabilities on Internet Explorer 8

Freddie Vicious wrote:
Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 8 on March 19, 2009 and up to
now there's no reliable method to exploit memory corruption
vulnerabilities on it?

I mean, on IE6 and IE7 we had SkyLined heap spray technique, first
seen in the IFRAME overflow exploit [1] which have been used by almost
every IE memory corruption exploit so far. Internet Explorer 8 was
enhanced with DEP and ASLR protections, making heap spray useless.
Then Mark Dowd and Alexander Sotirov published their great paper -
Bypassing Browser Memory Protections [2] providing some excellent
techniques, mainly the .NET binary technique which bypasses DEP and
ASLR which was used by Nils on the latest Pwn2Own to own Internet
Explorer 8 RC (Release Candidate) [3] and was used to mass-exploit
other vulnerabilities [4]. One day after Nils owned IE8RC, Microsoft
released Internet Explorer 8 RTM and blocked the option to load .NET
DLL’s from Internet zone and Restricted sites zone. Due to the fact
that most of IE exploitation doesn’t occur in Intranet/Trusted
sites/Local machine zone, this makes the .NET DLL technique irrelevant
most of the times.
So my question is - Is there no reliable method to exploit memory
corruption vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer 8?
I'm not aware of any catch-all technique just for IE8, though there are
a few common ones like return oriented programming. Application
specific techniques are also common when third party extensions are


Best wishes,
Freddie Vicious

Jared D. DeMott
Principal Security Researcher

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