[Full-disclosure] НА: WPA attack improved to 1min, MITM

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Тема: [Full-disclosure] WPA attack improved to 1min, MITM

The Beck/Tews WiFi WPA attack presented at PacSec has been improved
(down to 1 min, MITM) by 2 .jp researchers (Ohigashi, Morii) http://bit.ly/clCpm
Remember: avoid WPA/TKIP and force AES only encryption in WPA2 -
don't let your access point automatically fall back automatically to
the insecure TKIP/WPA mode, to be safe. (At least until any WPA2
attacks are published ;-P)


P.S. CanSecWest registration is now up, and a new Japanese PacSec
registration is live. June has been picked as the time for EUSecWest
in Amsterdam.
(hat tip: T Harada)

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