[Full-disclosure] Breaking: antisec and n3td3v responsible for Matasano hacking

GREAT BRITAIN - n3td3v/antisec is proud to announce official
partnership with antisec ("the scene")

In England, we care about intelligence. There is no better way to
do intelligence then to compromise computers. We are clearly
superior at security.

We eat up the competition. Matasano looked like and easy target of
nubs. So they were subsequently pwned.

Never disrespect our skillz

We official claim responsibility for these actions.

You can twitter us @ www.twitter.com/n3td3v

Freenode in #n3td3v

We are extensively funded by www.infowars.com and Alex Jones. Watch
the infowarrior with Jason Bermas for the latest in intelligence.

Alex Jones is NOT related to any federal authority and is not a
provocateur. Obviously!

Enjoy blackhat/defcon. Hope you have a nice year!

~ n3td3v security
"True intelligence in an open world"

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