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The Disclosure War Continues.

Dear Paul,

Our individual security does not only pertain to what we control, but
what other's control as well. Also, the information we use to protect
our slice of the internet is disseminated by a community. So it's not
really nomadic at all, as you imply.

However, this is how anti-sec would like it to be. Any hacker who
would advocate discretion of discovery should consider the fact they
too, in this system, will miss out on possibly novel or innovative new
research. This seems to oppose hacking as well as progression, and
instead reveal a very immature desire to control an environment which
thrives on change.

Now to relieve any cramping you may have from reading a post with such
serious undertones, feast your eyes on this:

On Sun, Jul 12, 2009 at 4:55 PM, Paul Schmehl<pschmehl_lists@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
--On July 12, 2009 3:47:12 PM -0500 mod-raver@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

There is not even a bit of logic out there..believe me!
I suggest you to visit the anti-sec blog and read there their

Here something from the anti-sec blog:
''A secure Internet is an Internet without freedom, without
privacy, and without anonymity.....Sadly, the political systems of
the first world have been perverted by an evil which ensures that
none who do not share its nature hold office.''

They want the total internet anarchy and personally i believe these
guys they lost it.

The internet isn't something you secure.  You secure that which you can
control.  You leave the rest up to others who have control over their
part.  And you block or blacklist those you choose not to connect to
because of their lack of security.  So the anti-sec bozos are free to be
as insecure as they want to be and to exercise their freedom, privacy and
anonymity in their world.

Paul Schmehl, If it isn't already
obvious, my opinions are my own
and not those of my employer.
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