Re: [Full-disclosure] TomaHawk IPS testing tool + [files]

On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 5:12 PM, Mark Sec<mark.sec@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Alo ,

Does any1 know where i can down the original install scripts?

1) qa.tgz
2) pcaps.tgz
3) www.tgz

I have this mirror , but don't have the www.tgz file, works files...

About the tomahawk's page, must follow these intruscciones:

I have a Fedora10 Virtual box if any1 have more experience using this tool
over vmware, please postme
Also, if any1 know a best tool to "stress" a IDS/IPS as tomahawk? more
efficient? please postme.. has about 1500 pcaps all nice and categorized for your
downloading pleasure. You probably could create an interesting
traffic mix with some of them.

Tcpreplay generally can do higher throughput then tomahawk, but
depending on what you mean by "stress" may or may not be appropriate.

Honestly, running either tool inside of a VM is likely to hurt performance.

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