Re: [Full-disclosure] [TZO-27-2009] Firefox Denial of Service (Keygen)

Thierry Zoller <Thierry@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
A memory leak in an interactive program that requires you to view a
hostile page for 9hours is clearly of negligible security impact.
Ok I will take the strawman :

Your random application of meaning to terminology is at least entertaining.

Only a few bytes of "k" leads to the compromises of the private key.
(DSA). Does this matter, not really. It's your key anyways. Does
something "leak" to somewhere were it's not supposed to be, no. Memory is
just not correctly freed.

Ah-ha, I see you have consulted some documentation and the correct meaning
of the term is now becoming clear to you.

Yep, I am an ignorant idiot, can we
move on now ? If *you* can't imagine a setup or extreme border case where
(as example) entropy that is being collected is indirectly affected, be it
in quality of entropy or size, then clearly *I* must be the idiot that
doesn't understand the concept of memory allocations.

I am aware of your attempt at sarcasm, and yet this sentence is completely
accurate. I cannot imagine any situation where this is the case, because the
two concepts are orthogonal.

General comment: I am interesting to see the kind of feedback I get
when posting an Firefox bug as opposed to bugs of other vendors. It's
almost like you hit a little boy and everybody steps into for his defence.

Your complaint that mozilla developers need to drop what they're doing and
investigate your trivial issues was too much to bare.

Thanks, Tavis.

taviso@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | finger me for my pgp key.

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