[Full-disclosure] OWASP LiveCD Vulnerabilities

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[Advisory Information]
Contact : Brigette DéFaveur
Advisory ID : BLOSOFT-20090521
Product Name : WebGoat
Product Version : All versions
Vendor Name : OWASP
Type of Vulnerability : Multiple
Impact : Extremely Critical, like wtf critical
Vendor Notified : 20090521

[Product Description]
"The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a worldwide free and
open community focused on improving the security of application software.
Our mission is to make application security visible, so that people and
organizations can make informed decisions about true application security

Taken From:

[Technical Summary]
Webgoat is vulnerable to the following attacks:

Cross-site Scripting (XSS)
Access Control
Hidden Form Field Manipulation
Parameter Manipulation
Session Cookies
SQL Injection

While performing our advanced superwowzer hackerfying analysis discovered
that WebGoat is vulnerable to dozens if not billions of attacks if they
were attacked by attackers.

[Impact varies from installation to installation]

- Cookie stealing
- Cookie harassing
- Cookie tampering
- Tampering of harassed cookie
- Harassing the thief tampering with cookies
- High level advanced SQL injection (' or 1=1-- )
- High level super advanced XSS <b onmouseover=alert('bloSOFT')>OMFG</b>
- Improper sanitization of the blink tag

[Proof Of Concept]
Download WebGoat and you too can see the trillions of exploits affecting
this software. We will not pollute the www with another useless filth of
a program designed to assist in the manipulation of security

[Vendor Status and Chronology]

Current Vendor Status: OWASP has to many members that don't matter.

05/21/2009 07:11:57 AM EST - Vulnerabilities Discovered
05/21/2009 07:11:59 AM EST - Vendor Notified
05/21/2009 07:12:18 AM EST - Requested vendor feedback via email
05/21/2009 07:13:23 AM EST - No response from vendor
05/21/2009 07:13:28 AM EST - Began advisory release process

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bloSOFT assumes no liability for the use of the information provider in
this disclosure. This advisory was released in an effort to prove our
worthiness to the I.T. community. Although we may at times attempt to
extort or blackmail companies in order to comply with our view of how
security should be, we make no intelligent assumptions or decisions in
releasing our security advisories.

bloSOFT is focused on the core commitment to provide the whole wide world
with security designs and solutions that fit. Our team consists of expert
level engineers with an array of experience ranging from eggdrop shells,
running nmap, re-hashing advisories and securitizing maximized potential
designs with actionable digital intelligence catering to the professional
hackers. Should you wish to place us at the top of "security review" by
using an alias please do so. Although we might not be as elite as other
companies like Netragard, bear in mind, even ImmunitySec isn't as elite
or as talented as Netragard.


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Adrien DéFaveur - my brother, I know you didn't blackmail HP!

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