Re: [Full-disclosure] Full-disclosure Anti virus installations on Windows servers

This debate has been interesting, if light on practical advice.

Let me clarify my question.

First, I do not own the server in question. I did not install the operating system in question. I did not make that business decision.

According to

Apache 104,178,852 46.35% 106,368,727 45.95% -0.41
Microsoft 66,229,250 29.47% 67,767,928 29.27% -0.20

Thirty percent of servers run windows.

Some of you will laugh at someone who has to protect a windows server, and would suggest rebuilding from the ground up. Obviously my client would disagree.

One person suggested Kaspersky, and I have it running at the moment, it seems to be working as intended.

Am I missing the point?

T Biehn wrote:
The example provides an easy to concoct scenario where perhaps
anti-virus software might be employed to great benefit where the

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