Re: [Full-disclosure] Hacker Space Fest 2009 CFP: Call For Paper

On Mon, 13 Apr 2009 10:57:39 EDT, T Biehn said:

Anyways an open 'underground' hackerspace has to be the worst idea
ever. Why put a bunch of government ruiners in the same
('surveil-able') physical location? The biggest asset to 'the
resistance' is the fact that it's near impossible for LE to bust
anyone, put them all in a room conspiring and then you're...

The basic idea is to attract enough wannabies and posers so that the real
miscreants can fly under the radar.

There's also apparently a large segment of the "ruiners" who have forgotten
what the *original* meaning of the word "hacker" was, and are confused when
the /tmp/lab crew is using the old meaning.

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