Re: [Full-disclosure] [TZO-05-2009] Clamav 0.94 and below - Evasion /bypass

JGB> hmm, I'm jealous: where can we get this time-travel machine?

It's open source, grab it at your local oss repositry. apt-get install

JGB> 2009/4/2 Thierry Zoller <Thierry@xxxxxxxxx>:
13/03/2009 : Clamav responds that the bug is reproducible and will be
fixed in 0.95 to be released the 23/03/2009
23/05/2009 : Asked clamav if the release was made and if credit was

23/05/2009 : Clamav responds that the release was made, and that the
            credit was given in the changelog. (Tzo note: A post will
            be probably be made at

02/01/2009 : Release of this limited detail advisory

Thierry Zoller

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