Re: [Full-disclosure] Administrivia: Spring Cleaning

n3td3v being moderated is fantastic.

his banning is not a strike against the "spirit" of fd, its someone standing
up and saying "I have had enough of this fruitcake".

full disclosure is great when its dropping 0day, discussing security in
general, coming off as a righteous plan9 ninja, insulting people who
disagree with your opinion and all the rest that goes along with it. it isnt
great when you have a serial pest constantly baiting people and flooding the
list with junk... junk that has no technical or even comedic value. its just
rambling. he isnt some passing troll.. 3 years this guy has been spouting
his nonsense and i am sure this isnt a decision that John takes lightly but
something needed to be done before everyone left.
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