Re: [Full-disclosure] I'm not the troll i've been trolled

On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 3:59 PM, - o z - <osgo@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I will point out the faults in n3td3v's premises, read my last profile

On Jan 12, 2009, at 5:01 AM, n3td3v wrote:

"I've been the victim of trolls they see me as a good target to pick
because I run the n3td3v intelligence group and i'm going to apply for

Victim, martyr fantasies, with the 'intel group' being a self-serve
lis that ANYONE can join (as I have under a different alias). It
doesn't exist
per se, it's all in his head. It's about as useful as tits on a boy.

It's the public open source intelligence group you joined

"your everyday people can't run security because their ideas are
too ordinary and they come up with nothing new."

Typical -- exclusivity, it's all one big secret that a normal person
cannot understand.

You're a normal person and you cannot understand, point proven.

"they seen someone with an indepth underworld life that i
can talk about that others don't believe because the secret world of
spooks is often unbelievable to ordinary folks and thats where people
think i must be trolling."

Secret world of spooks reference, the whole intel agency thing, Mystery!

Only a mystery to you

"the fact is i've never trolled the n3td3v
group is real and i'll be applying for mi5 real soon."

Real soon, yep, where have we heard this?

I've been pondering on it for some years

"there is no
mental illness or anything else, thats just something thought up by
trolls to get me to reply even more."

DENIAL, of course there hasn't been mental illness, nope, not at
all...OK, maybe a little...

Let's rule out mental illness shall we

"I research open source intelligence such as mailing
lists and websites, television and radio. as well as monitoring folks
in social situations online and offline building up profile of folks."

Notice the subtle threat of 'researching and profiling other folks'?
Usually when threats occur, this is the attempt to 'one-up' their last
drama, just like I wrote about. We're getting to him, so the monkey
has to perform
a new and better trick.

Actually happening not a trick

maybe thats because i run an intelligence group thats why i'm
interested in it and i'll hope one day to collaborate with mi5 to
share intelligence on people, hackers and the threats.

MI5 fixation, again!

My future employer

this is a
secret underworld you've had some insight to and the way we think, you
will not understand us, you will never understand unless you are part
of it.

He has the secret key of the universe that mere mortals cannot

More garbage

OK, now watch what happens, it will be right out of the handbook.
Some kind of
event will be precipitated. If this is worked right, we can alter the
behavior to our


More garbage

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