Re: [Full-disclosure] e-Holocaust

Wow, congratulations. While people on both sides are risking their lives
and in some cases making the ultimate sacrifice by loosing their life for
their friends, family and country; you've hacked some worthless Israeli
websites- thus once again proving lawyers and artists in all countries don't
know how to apply security patches to their servers. I'm sure the IDF is
cowering in fear over your awesome power, amazing resources and limitless
influence- just like every other script kiddie out there.
Can we all now schedule the parade and present you with your medal for being
the lamest excuse of a terrorist / freedom fighter / human being of the

Then to prove just how pathetic you really are, you don't even have the
balls to publicly show your face and have to hide behind an anonymous email
address- all while real men are out there on the streets in harms way. Even
the worthless politicians are doing more and taking bigger risks then you.

Normally I'd suggest to go crawl back into your hiding hole, but since
you've never actually came out; I'll just say shut up and let the adults
deal with it, because clearly you don't have what it takes to make a real
difference in the world.

- Rants

On Sat, Jan 10, 2009 at 3:34 PM, <e.hitler@xxxxxxx> wrote:

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To Whom it may concern:

Peace be upon all you.

Behold the e-Holocaust:

As for who we are, as far as the world is concerned, we do not
exist, we are not a group, we are a state of mind, do not try to
track us down, as we shall stay in the undergrounds, watching them
and taking them down where necessary...

We do what we do because we can, and as it is the fair judgement.
As it can be implied we have access to resources that should not be
taken lightly.

As for what we want, we want nothing but the world to see this (
and we will make sure the world does see it ).
What we'll do is take down tens of Israeli servers daily, and burn
them to the ground, every bit of information on them will be

That will only be the beginning, when that is done, next step would
be the full publicising of every all information gathered.

This is our war now.
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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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