Re: [Full-disclosure] Full-Disclosure wouldn't let me post this message

Two or three web application bugs for Google Groups to secure it to
cover my own back, i'm not the kind of guy who releases bugs from
random software for no reason to look cool. I secured my Google Group,
I have no reason else to secure anything else. If a new bug for Google
Groups comes up, one day there maybe another release from me.

There are too many folks out there securing things for random reasons
just to look cool :)

Have a real reason to release bugs, have a good story behind your
releases like I do.

Even me starting to use Twitter has a big story behind it because
someone started the account to make fun of me, I emailed Twitter they
gave me the account, I post it to full-disclosure just to rub it in
the previous owners face.

On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 11:49 PM, Ureleet <ureleet@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
gobbles has released. what have u released

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