[Full-disclosure] [IVIZ-08-013] Avast antivirus for Linux multiple vulnerabilities

[ iViZ Security Advisory 08-013 10/12/2008 ]
iViZ Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

* Title: Avast antivirus for Linux multiple vulnerabilities.
* Date: 10/12/2008
* Software: Avast for Workstations v1.0.8

--[ Synopsis:

Multiple buffer overflows were discovered in the GNU/Linux
version of Avast when analyzing corrupted ISO and RPM files.

--[ Affected Software:

* Avast for Workstations v1.0.8 Trial versions, possibly others.

--[ Impact:

Remove DoS, possibly remote code execution.

--[ Vendor response:

* On September 24th 2008, the vendor stated :
"With (the) mentioned version of avast4workstation 1.0.8_2, indeed,
this bug existed. It was a stack-overflow, caused by cycling over
intertwined directories on corrupted ISO files. All versions built
since 22.1.2008 have this fixed. Thanks for your report."

--[ Credits:

This vulnerability was discovered by Security Researcher
Jonathan Brossard from iViZ Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

--[ Disclosure timeline:

* First private disclosure to vendor on September 18th 2008.
* First vendor reply on September 19th 2008.
* On September 23th 2008, the vendor claims to have fixed the problem :
"my colleague identified the problem few minutes ago as a bug which was
fixed 22. Jan 2008."
* On October 15th 2008, the vulnerable trial version link hasn't been updated:

--[ Reference:


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