[Full-disclosure] Security industry software license

I think we should push for this so that attack platforms that are
designed for penetration testers aren't used by the bad guys. I've
already outlined the details, but the government can scrap that and
work out their own details to how the scheme should work. Although I
have no doubt in my mind we can't let the bad guys continue to use
attack platforms that are designed for the security professional

If HD Moore is serious that his attack platform isn't for the bad guys
he would support this scheme, but of course his motivations are always

The Department of Homeland Security were going to build a 45 foot
border fence, as Bruce Schneier
points out is a complete waste of money. Now what the DHS need to do
if they want to counter hackers and cyber terrorism is to focus on
worth while things like developing a security industry software
license scheme that vets everybody using software and gets better
regulation into the industry.

This is the way ahead,

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