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Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 15:43:03 -0600
From: "Fredrick Diggle" <fdiggle@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [Full-disclosure] Fredrick Diggle Security is looking for a
few good men (or mediocre women)
To: full-disclosure <full-disclosure@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Fredrick Diggle Security has taken the the world wide web by storm in
recent years with disclosures in some of the most popular software
ever written including

- The Internet
- Notepad
- The Linux
- Fredrick Diggle Security execve exploit program

Due to the massive feedback they have received Fredrick Diggle
Security is now in a position where it needs to hire several
individuals to pick up some of the slack.

Did you ever want to work for the "best" at something? (google code
search regexs)
Even better -- do you want to work *with* the best at something?
(Fredrick Diggle... duh)
Would like a chance to become *one of* the best at something? (XSS maybe?)
Do you want to become an expert at web application security? (and
eventually write a book/give a blackhat presentation)
Do you want to learn the ins and outs of general software security?
(as well as the what-have-yous)
Do you want to become legitimate hacker? (And be invited to the cool
kids channels on IRC)
Would you like the challenge of testing your skills and your mettle
and hack some of the most important and famous software on the planet?
(PHP guestbooks beware)
Would you like to see how some of the largest websites in the world
actually work, and rethink your assumptions about the Internet? (Is it
really tubes after all?)
If your answer to any of these is yes, then you want to work for
WhiteHat^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^HFredrick Diggle Security, and we just may have
a place for you.

Fredrick Diggle security is looking for only the best Whitehat Ethical
Certified Security Professionals. A successful candidate will have.

- A PHD in the hacking of computer systems
- Certified Ethical Hacker Certification
- References to at least 20 vulnerabilities verifiably disclosed by
the applicant
- A Core Impact License
- Pictures of a sweet modded computer case
- A copy of XSS Exploits: Cross Site Scripting Attacks and Defense
(preferably signed by the authors)
- Capability to lift up to 50 pounds
- A love for wildlife (specifically a familiarity with hippopotamuses
and penguins and their breeding habits is required)
- Advanced skill in name dropping (specifically interested in
individuals who have had occasion to meet past Blackhat presenters or
security book authors)

The following are desirable but not required

- Geographically close to Sao Paolo
- A basement where we can hang out
- A wife/girlfriend/mother who can cook and make us snacks when we are
hacking stuff
- Some knowledge of ruby on rails (we are still trying to get
metasploit working)

The successful candidate will send a resume and cover letter with a
supplemental 500 word essay explaining why Fredrick Diggle Security is
so cool to fdiggle@xxxxxxxxx

We will be contacting qualified candidates and performing technical
interviews over the next few months.



End of Full-Disclosure Digest, Vol 45, Issue 34

Do hotmail account count for anything for experience?

been great, thanks
Big R

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