[Full-disclosure] n3td3v warns sans is being brought into disrepute by pauldotcom

pauldotcom are gangsters masquerading as security professionals, this
is the opinion of n3td3v. they have a bad name not only because of
n3td3v but its widely thought by others that pauldotcom are
questionable entities, this is why n3td3v believes that its a bad
thing that sans are associated with them, and in time could start to
bring down the respected name of the sans institute. there are already
misdemeanors who have managed to get into sans through the internet
storm center door who are in support of pauldotcom enterprises. n3td3v
predicts the longer sans are associated with pauldotcom the greater
they eat away at the credibility and respect that sans built up before
pauldotcom came onto the scene. there are good people at sans and this
is why n3td3v is concerned that the good people at sans are being
bought into disrepute because of pauldotcom and entities who have
crept into sans through the sans handlers gateway. n3td3v suggests
both sides consider their positions before moving forward and having
future association with one another. there have been multiple reports
on the full-disclosure list that pauldotcom hasn't been upto scratch,
its time for sans to start to take feedback seriously that is being
presented to them and consider dropping pauldotcom as a partner of the
sans brand.

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