[Full-disclosure] [OPENX-SA-2008-002] OpenX 2.4.9 and 2.6.2 fix SQL injection vulnerability

OpenX security advisory OPENX-SA-2008-002
Advisory ID: OPENX-SA-2008-002
Date: 2008-Oct-06
Security risk: Moderately critical
Applications affetced: OpenX
Versions affected: <= 2.4.8, <= 2.6.1
Versions not affected: >= 2.4.9, >= 2.6.2

Vulnerability: Blind SQL injection in ac.php

A blind SQL injection vulnerability has recently been found by
d00m3r4ng. The vulnerability affects the OpenX delivery engine, which
does not require any kind of authentication.

Input passed to the "bannerid" parameter in www/delivery/ac.php is not
properly sanitised before being used in SQL queries. This can be
exploited to manipulate SQL queries by injecting arbitrary SQL code.

- Upgrade to OpenX 2.4.9 or 2.6.2

- http://www.milw0rm.com/exploits/6655
- http://secunia.com/advisories/32114/

2008-Oct-02: the vulnerability was posted to the aforementioned
security related website
2008-Oct-03: an OpenX user reported the link to our forums
2008-Oct-03: a quick patch for 2.6.x was released to mitigate the
impact of exploits using the disclosed information
2008-Oct-04: a quick patch for 2.4.x was released to mitigate the
impact of exploits using the disclosed information
2008-Oct-06: OpenX 2.6.2 was released
2008-Oct-07: OpenX 2.4.9 was released

Contact informations

The security contact for OpenX can be reached at:
<security AT openx DOT org>

Matteo Beccati

OpenX - http://www.openx.org

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