Re: [Full-disclosure] Marcus Sachs wants hackers put into the same category as "war on terror"

If Marcus Sachs can convince the white house to treat hackers as part
of the "war on terror", it means he and his agenda gets priority
funding, thats whats going on right now.

The only problem is, this is a cheat and a lie is what he is doing
just to get cyber security put into the "war on terror" category.

In its natural state, cyber security is nothing to do with the "war on
terror", but thats how this new dodgy dossier coming out in November
is going to sell it to the next administration as it is coming in and
100 days after.

Should we allow Marcus Sachs to put hackers into the "war on terror"
category, just for the sake of the extra $100 million, ontop of the
$30 million he's already managed to swindle?

He is taking advantage of a funding system, and frauding the
government by making them think, shit sachs is right, let's give this
shit the "war on terror" category funding it deserves!

Its a shame the government don't know to come onto the mailing lists
and find out everyone is 'lol'ing' at sachs and realize he's cheating
the system, the tax payer, the government and every other person under
the sun of out money!

What uncle sam doesn't know won't hurt them about sachs I guess.

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