Re: [Full-disclosure] Marcus Sachs wants hackers put into the same category as "war on terror"

On Fri, 03 Oct 2008 16:34:14 BST, n3td3v said:

A flash mob of the CIA you mean, ha ha ha...directed by Marcus Sachs.

Do you have any proof of this, other than your own rantings? Skip over all
the "he stands to benefit" crap - do you have any actual *evidence* that Marcus
was in fact involved?

A bit of news for you: flash mobs on the Internet *do* happen. We had one hit
our websites back on April 16 of last year - big enough that we had to light up
a 10GigE pipe to Level3 and even *that* didn't clear all the traffic. Or maybe
*that* event was orchestrated by the North Korean government as a combined
cyber and real-life terrorism attack, or was that Marcus Sachs too?

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