Re: [Full-disclosure] [inbox] Re: Supporters urge haltto, hacker's, extradition to US

< tons of dribble snipped>

He is completely innocent until found guilty... at least in the US, UK,
and even Australia that is the way things are.

You seem to be contradicting yourself here, but maybe a little bit of light
is getting in.

Nope, he is completely innocent until he is FOUND guilty by a court of
law. Right now, there is fair evidence to bring him in for the crime
committed. He is the prime suspect at this time for that crime. The
details of his crime, his testimony, his accuser's testimony, and evidence
both against and for him will be submitted. Based upon those facts that are
presented he will either be found guilty or not guilty. If he's found
guilty, he will be sentenced. That's the way the laws of our countries

Lets see what the Chinese would do to him if he did the same thing over then
than over here.

China has changed a lot in recent times, I think you'd find he'd get a fair
trial, and you wouldnt have ministers their saying he needs to "fry"

sure, with a huge difference... During trial, you have to prove yourself
innocent. HUGE difference there.... Oh and he'd be put to death in China
for crimes against the state. So he'd literally be fighting for his life
during a trial in China.

End of conversation... this is getting fruitless... lets all just sit back
and watch what happens....


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