Re: [Full-disclosure] [inbox] Re: Supporters urge halt to, hacker's, extradition to US

On Wed, 2008-10-01 at 00:03, Exibar wrote:

Look, Mckinnon broke into the computer systems. Under his own admission he
ran scripts to help him do this. Some of those scripts crashed systems. He
possibly deleted files and what-not in his travels, either willfully or not,
doesn't really matter. He loaded software on those systems so he could get
in AGAIN easier... AND he leaves a note threatening that he will do it

All this on KNOWN government computer systems. He intentionally wanted to
get into these systems to look for UFO crap.

This goes way beyond just simply leaving a note stating that your door is
unlocked. This is going into the unlocked car, putting in a remote control
door opener, and threatening to re-enter the car again.

He knew what he was doing, he knew who's machines he was doing it to, he
was obviously going to keep doing it until caught by the sound of his

He's a criminal, period. He should be properly tried in a court of law.
The way the UK an dthe US law is written, that means extradited to the US
for a trial.

All the protesting or debating won't change the fact that he's a criminal.
Plain and simple, deal with it.... His sentence will be based upon what
comes up in court, and it hardly ever is the maximum.

I'm sorry, are you American? Are you a typical American?

If so, you have just demonstrated why he should not be extradited, as
you, as a typical American have him decided GUILTY already without
seeing and hearing all the ACTUAL evidence. not just the rhetoric the
politicians want the media to tell you about, so he has no chance of
fair trial.

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