Re: [Full-disclosure] [inbox] Re: Supporters urge halt to hacker's extraditionto US

Exibar wrote:

This guy hacked into the Pentagon, illegally, and you don't want him to
stand trial in the country that he committed the crime against? What if a
US citizen hacked into UK Parliament? Would you want him tried in the US or
in the UK?

So you guys are going to hand Dubya over to the international courts to
stand trial for starting an illegal war?

And your top gnerals, heads of staff, etc for illegally executing his
illegal orders?

Physician, heal thyslef...

(Actually, I don't care that much about McKinnon (sp?) -- my gut feeling
is that to the extent history remembers him it will be as a slightly
deranged whack-job more than as "the guy who hacked the Pentagon changing
military history forever"...)


Nick FitzGerald

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