Re: [Full-disclosure] [Suspected Junk Mail] Re: Petko D. Petkov hacked?

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On Tue, 12 Aug 2008 01:55:24 +0200 Dan Goodin <dgoodin@xxxxxxxxxx>

It would appear Petko's email really was broken into. Is your
behind the attack?

One of our supporting organizations, the Squadron of Justice
claims responsibility for this righteous operation. The Council,
according to Internet Law, determined that the individual known as
Petko D. Petkov was violating several internet laws, after finding
evidences of bigotry, abuse of mailing list subscriptions, excessive
media attention craving, avarice and pernicious greed.

If so, would you kindly give me details?
Specifically, when did you break into it, and how, and how long
did it take?

No comments, the offices of the Squadron of Justice are closed
at the moment.

Also, would you please tell me a bit about who you are?

We are Legion. We are the drive-by philosophers your society
abuses and despises in the streets, in this decaying age of
and greed. We surrendered our identities to the names of Pink
The Whiz Kid, Spy Smasher, Crimson Avenger, Bulletgirl, the
Shadow... maybe you, earthly and vulnerable human can't understand
the complexity of the awesomeness and superpowers we've been

It is our duty to use these powers and abilities to bring Justice
and punish the evil, defend the innocent and establish balance and
equality in the universe, fighting anything that threatens it.

We dream of flying through the Golan Heights some day in a near
future, descending from the heavenly regions into Earthly grounds,
and then turning to the south east and have our eyes staring at the
vast plateau, which was once habited by greedy and evil people,
finally demolished and devoid of such despicable life forms. The
reptiles will have vanished and the terrain will be populated with
adorable and righteous creatures, without greed and avarice for gold
and power, uncorrupted and joyous.

We dream of a world where natural selection and evolution aren't
stopped by the prejudices and corruption of modern society.
Where the State doesn't waste copious amounts of funding into
supporting the weak, the disabled and the unfit. Where only the
strongest and most capable races and individuals survive. A
just and great world without the oppression of the Jews and
their lobbies. Where the illusion of individualism, freedom, choice
and security are non existent. A new age, and a showdown against
the Jews in a remote island, in the midst of a tropical sunshine,
followed by a storm which will wipe out the threat of Judaism and
conspiracy for the ages to come. A final battle to annihilate evil
and wickedness.

The contents represented by this SHA256 could be released soon
to assure continuity of great justice:

the Great Council of Internet Superheros.
"To protect exposure and serve ruin."

PS: Is this a tarp? Superheroes are immune. Don't upset us, you
don't want to face our retribution. There is no redemption for the
wicked. Only death will save you.
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