Re: [Full-disclosure] Internet justice delivered, criminals panic and run in despair

On Sun, 10 Aug 2008 08:30:07 PDT, alan shimel said:

These people, who claim to protect Internet infrastructure, who
claim hacking does not mean breaking into systems. The same people
who have never experienced breaking into a system with PaX, mprotect
restrictions, >16 bit ASLR, and RBAC policies configured, the same
people who have never backdoored a PHP extension on runtime, the
same people who have never broken into Fortune 100 C-level

So in your world, only murderers can be policemen, and only arsonists can be
firemen, only pitchers can contend for the batting title, and only linebackers
can be quarterbacks?

A quarterback is trying to throw the pass - the linebacker doesn't need
to be able to throw well. He needs to be able to intercept or break up the play.

Similarly, the needed skill sets for white and black hats differ.

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