Re: [Full-disclosure] more rehashes of xss & 'evil gif'

Clearly this class of vulnerabilities is nothing short of epic, entirely
new, and truly worth our time and fear. When combined with the stellar
research and presentation skills of said researchers it meets 3/4
requirements for widespread media cuntbaggery, observe:

1) words that sound new and cool
-->"The attack relies on a new type of hybrid file"

hybrid: hybrid, hmm sort of hydra, sort of like internet super worm of
doom??!! watchout!

2)social networking sites
-->"giving the bad guys access to the victim's Facebook account."

zomgz did someone say facebook? watch out, your teenage whore daughter is
now at risk!

3)moderately not clever acronym
-->"They call this type of file a GIFAR, a contraction of GIF and JAR"

plus it sounds like some sort of mythical beast?! GIFAR, ROAR! do you
think they'll have a cool animation for it on their slides? one can only

wait, what about the 4th requirement? how about the possibility of anyone
actually being owned? wait, no.

On Tue, Aug 5, 2008 at 1:26 AM, Robert Holgstad <rholgstad@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

seems dan isn't the only press whore around! rebouncing from his embarasing
post about 'deputy dan' and the matasano blog - whoosh anyone? nate and his
crew of javascript gurus have whipped up another rehash of an old class of
bugs that has been used in the wild for a long time. we personally want to
thank nate for his great work hes done for conferences over the years
filling up their talking spots with useless crap. his work is only rivaled
by gadi evron who gets accepted to every conference because declining a fat
AND jewish person is guarenteed to get 1000s of big nosed ambulance chasers
after you by the end of business day.

once again we would ilke to thank nate for his cutting edge research and
hopefully he will get nommed for next years pwnie life time acheivement

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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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