[Full-disclosure] so this is FD...

I've been reading bugtraq in several short periods of my life, from year
2000 on. Then I started finding it boring, maybe after it was acquired by
someone I don't remember right now. I'm not a security expert by any means,
I just like staying informed about new security issues. I almost understand
security alerts and a few of the inner workings of an exploit, but only a
few. Never managed to have a PoC working on my box. That's to introduce
myself. As you can see I don't hide.

After bugtraq I looked for a place in the old bugtraq spirit, and eventually
I decided FD was that place, so I started reading it. Now, after a few
months of FD reading, I feel bored again. I've never replied to any of the
trolls and trolls-feeders on this list, but I've always been hardly hoping
it was a transient situation, not the main (and sometimes only) topic of
the list. Hell, if you filter out trolls postings and relative replies, the
rest is more or less what debian-security has to offer.

Now I have to choose: go on reading this, er... shit? in the hope it will
get better in the future or leave all of you alone, trolls and others, and
seek for another place. I know, no one here cares about me or what I'm
going to do. I'm just posting this to tell you that there are many people
out there that could be interested in reading this list, maybe not posting
for lack of skills, but with such a noise you are making them go away, and
they usually go away without telling you, like I'm doing.

If you want this list to live on, I think (for what's worth) you should find
a solution. Don't know what the solution can actually be. Maybe a wiki in
the wikipedia style, but with specific rules, community driven, would serve
better than a unmoderated list?


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