Re: [Full-disclosure] [OT] Fwd: Comments on: Phoenix Mars Lander site hacked

This post is made by andrew.awal.wallace@xxxxxxxxx, my secret identity
for my serious security researches on the computer for when I research
things at the same time that I am on the computer doing research for
security stuff.

The questions that I ask and the points that I raise in this email are
due to opinions that I have formed.

From: n3td3v <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2008 20:29:05 +0100

I'm not a troll, i'm a serious security researcher.

I was misrepresented in the media by SecurityFocus Robert Lemos who
ruined my image.

The findings have been post,

Yes, n3td3v post that. n3td3v's last three paragraphs at n3td3v's
blogspot are copied below with questions to the n3td3v.

n3td3v Paragraph 1: This is a long standing issue which will go on for
years until regret is shown by Neal Krawetz and Robert Lemos... n3td3v
is still on Full-Disclosure and will never stop posting, and its none
of both their businesses who I am.
++Did the long standing issue that will end in regret for Robert Lemos
have to do with what happened to the Robert Lemos website? Did Robert
Lemos learn who the n3td3v is - or is it none of his business?

n3td3v Paragraph 2: n3td3v might be available for a real interview for
a large sum of money, based on facts... otherwise, you're a suckers
and will never know the truth!!! It will forever be your mystery who
is n3td3v!!!! *Evil laughter*.
++Did n3td3v get that large sum of money?
++If yes, then n3td3v might not care about others calling n3td3v a
troll even if n3td3v is in the troll role.
++If not, then according to n3td3v blogspot all others but n3td3v are
suckers who do not know the secret identity that is n3td3v.
Mwahahahaha (Evil laughter).

n3td3v Paragraph 3: I'll see you both at the security conferences some
time i'm sure and you can tell me all about your smear campaign(s) and
yellow journalism(s).
++Did n3td3v get to a security conference? If n3td3v managed to get
to a conference, what did n3td3v do and say to the people that n3td3v
swore would feel regret?

I am worried about security flaws in the major operating systems like
L1nukz, w1ndoe$ 3ck$pee, 200x, and veeeezthaaa. I use Windows 98.
One day I may upgrade to windows for workgroups when I get another
computer to network together with my first and do MASSIVELY
MULTIPLAYER SECURITY RESEARCH! The only problem I have ever had with
Windows 98 is that it is sometimes difficult to get software to run
like my picasa (with heads photoshopped out), anti-virus (but that is
becuase no anti-virus is needed on this great operating system I am
told that I am covered in pwnsauce but they are only trying to make
the crazy guy, me, angry), and certain other google applications from
that fine company called GOOG which I will one day invest in when I
have made my first million in capital. You will all then fear me then
because I will have made my first million in capital. I know that
none of you have made any money. How could you? I dont like you so
you must not have money.

All and more of the best for all of you,

// A.a.W.
::::This email is a parody of the nonsense that certain individuals
post to this list. There is no value or intent behind this email.

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