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Good Evening Full Disclosure Members,

The Internet + Web Application Security Blog has posted a recent news
article surrounding the past "Web Application Security Awareness Day"
was to have occurred on May 1, 2008. While many were skeptical that the
n3td3v agenda has any influence whatsoever after numeros failures and
embarrassments, there were still a handful that were hoping that they
meet with success. Unfortunately this did not occur and we witnessed one
the word failures in modern web application security history. A full
on this event has been cataloged at the following site -
Brief excerpt
Saturday May 3, 2008 media and security researchers have come to the
conclusion that "Web Application Security Awareness Day" was a complete
utter failure. This stunning revelation comes just two days after the
came to a close, without a single submission or person recognizing the

"We just kept waiting and hoping a single submission would come in. We
thinking that maybe the researchers had their clocks set wrong or they
working hard on a release that just couldn't cut the deadline", said a
known industry expert who wishes to remain anonymous.

Please visit our web site and we will keep you informed of any

-Howard Jurgenmeit
Internet + Web Application Security Blog Staff Writer

I'm sure they'll be other theme days though that others will start,
like a Buffer Overflow Security Awareness Day that others can

I'm just leading the way of a new trend, my day wasn't successful, but
if HD Moore or others announce some other theme day, i'm sure it will
be a success.

Andrew Wallace, it's only a failure because you're the one promoting it.

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