Re: [Full-disclosure] HD Moore

On Sun, May 4, 2008 at 4:40 PM, str0ke <str0ke@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Come on n3td3v leave the man alone, how do you go from love to hate on
the guy in a weeks time?

If Metasploit is some way of keeping tabs on script kids then i'm all
for it, if its just a sheer evil hacking tool for shits and giggles
then I stand by my words.

I see no evidence that there is any government connection, so I stand
by my words.

If its a covert government project then I will retract the comments
when evidence is forecoming.

To me this is just a private project that HD Moore created when he was immature.

He should grow out of Metasploit now and focus on something else...
like a theme day on the mailing lists.

All the best,


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