Re: [Full-disclosure] The DDoS Attacks Against CNN

On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 2:02 AM, Dancho Danchev
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This is a complete account of the events, statements, attack
techniques and actual tools used in the recent attacks against
on behalf of Chinese hacktivists.

Dancho Danchev
Cyber Threats Analyst/Blogger

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- Nothing actually happened to, there was no downtime. A few
servers probably got hit, but thats normal run of the mill for multi

- Mentioning Estonia is like making a connection between Saddam
Hussein and 9/11.

- We don't actually know if its Chinese attacks or people using
chinese planted evidence. Are the U.S government capable of this? They
need funding for cyber this, cyber that right now so it wouldn't
suprise me if someone was trying to infulence the white house guys
into signing more stuff.

- I heard Bush and Cheney watch CNN all the time, perfect way to get
their attention.

Bush: Hey man, "the CNN" is down.

Cheney: Sign more shit quick!

- Bush has already signed for the U.S Cyber Command, so it makes sense
to drop Estonia into the propaganda when mentioning, as
Estonia is the reason they gave to Bush for signing for U.S Cyber
Command in the first place.

- So if the Estonia plot worked to get Bush to sign up to the U.S
Cyber Command, then mentioning Estonia into something completely
unrelated (Don't tell Bush that!) might nudge things in favour of more
shit getting signed by Bush.

All the best with the blogging, whoever paid you to post this on FD...
but please don't compare a failed CNN attack to Estonia (again!) i'll
just laugh some more and throw your e-mail into the trash.

Oh, he mentioned Electronic Jihad as well, thats gonna get Bush
stirred. Chinese people don't do "Jihad"... (Don't tell Bush that!)

And the thing is, Securityfocus actually write up news reports on his
blogging activites all the time, me scared?


Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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