Re: [Full-disclosure] Security issue in Filezilla stored in plain text (sitemanager.xml)

On Mon, 21 Apr 2008 14:21:21 PDT, Andrew Farmer said:

There is a 3.4.3 in RFC 959 which discusses a "COMPRESSED MODE", which
might look superficially like encryption to the untrained eye.

You obviously tuned in late. ;)

When 3.4.3 was pointed out to Joey, he claimed he meant 4.4.3, and when
it was pointed out that there *was* no 4.4.3 in 959, he said "in the revised
version", and when it was pointed out that RFCs aren't versioned, he claimed it
was in one of the other mentioned RFCs, which didn't have a 4.4.3 in them

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