Re: [Full-disclosure] Fwd: n3td3v has a fan

in my opinion a few of the "facts" in this posting may actually be
true (the ones with a possible harmless interpretation), but most are
by a deeply distorted view of reality. also, a seeming inability to
closely read, critically think, or analyze risk rationally.
participating in politics requires all of these, as well as an ability
to listen to other points of view.

(since i seem to be among the dramatis personae in his Davidsbund), i
can say n3td3v seldom ceases to disappoint me, and make
me regret having had some impulse to be helpful that resulted in past
interchanges with him.

btw, n3td3v, I know Gadi Evron, and you're no Gadi Evron. (this is
probably a good thing, as there probably ain't room enough
in the world for two of them...)


the cross-eyed bear.

On Apr 14, 2008, at 11:05 PM, n3td3v wrote:

On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 8:31 PM, Kurt Dillard <kurtdillard@xxxxxxx>
- Bad guys would never think to, you know, go to the campus and
look around?

You forget, the intelligence services are indepth with Yahoo already,
and some of their senior software engineers are in the service.

I have spoke to these people in person, I know what's going on as far
as intelligence is concerned, I have protested for years against one
of them who used intelligence I gave him, against me, against the
people my intelligence was from and bettered his career.

Infact, the guy used my advise so much, he setup his own intelligence
conference in Yahoo and stood up infront of everyone and gave a talk
on the intelligence I had given him over the years about Yahoo hacker
enemies, thats not all, after the conference to which he gave a speech
to, he was offered a job as Yahoo messenger security engineer, where
the Yahoo employee, who I believe to work for french intelligence was
able to get into a key Yahoo communication job with Yahoo Inc, to
plant code into Yahoo Messenger service.

The employee, before getting into Yahoo worked for the french military
as an 18 year old, then suspiciously walked away from that, moved to
the United States as Yahoo was formed into a corporation from a simple
page on the internet as a directory.

This is not all, the employee, who I know about, didn't apply for this
job into Yahoo as , as the time a Yahoo Chat engineer, but was fast
tracked into Yahoo by other adversaries, then after he was in Yahoo,
(the french guy), the person who fast tracked him into Yahoo left
Yahoo. This was way back when Yahoo was beginning to look like a major
corporation in the internet space.

For years i've given the names of these employees and other
information to Yahoo, but they fail to act upon the information as of
lack of formal evidence, but I have had on hands with the french
employee, who is a senior software developer, who used my
intelligence, not to protect Yahoo, but to further his career.

Further from that, this person was fast tracked into Yahoo through
suspicious reasoning, not only that, he asked me not to mention how he
got fast tracked, and that the majority of his work force didn't know
how he got into Yahoo.

He told me that there was a split in Yahoo between the good guys and
the bad, he said the good guys were good, but the bad guys knew who
the bad guys were and had ringed together within Yahoo security team
and the rest of its work force to gathering intelligence on Yahoo

The person in question, back in the day, when I probed him, gave me
access to his cube via webcam, and other data. There was also phone
call exchange between me and the employee, via corporate phone bill,
funded by Yahoo to my cell phone.

He manipulated me and the intellgience I gave him to get ahead within
the corporation. he openly hacked into things during work hours which
were outwidth of Yahoo, he hacked into which was a
major underground website for "Yahoo progz" and left rude comments
under each php-nuke content management system notice ont he frontpage
VIA comment source, so the defacement of the site over a period wasn't
known by the immediate owners, as the defacement was source code
based, only to prove to me he had root to the site that Yahoo security
were investigating.

He said he would stay at Yahoo even after hours, because it was far
easier to do malice activity within the boundries of Yahoo than to go
home to his 100k+ modem.

His wife, he said was aware of his activities but fully supported him
throughout, infact, he discovered his wife from the Yahoo Chat hacker
scene from which he was originally head hunted from.

The employee is still working in Yahoo as a senior software engineer,
who has access and connections with Yahoo security team and is on the
most part trusted by them as a credible part of the overall workforce
at Yahoo, although n3td3v operations, back in the day know more is
going on than what is normally expected.

Back in the day when I had relations with him I was a humble script
kid who didn't realise the full extent of what was going on, a little
like when you're a kid you might not realise your uncle is touching
you up because you don't realise what's going on because you're naive,
but in the future, after 2004/5 when I left the Yahoo undergorund
intelligence gathering scene on script kids, I realised the full
extent of the Yahoo employee, how he got into Yahoo and other details
that he had confined in with me, were to say the least---questionable.

n3td3v has no intelligence anymore on the employee, but Yahoo are
aware of the person, who is now a senior software engineer for Yahoo,
who is in an architectural role for "secret" Yahoo projects which are
not announced to the public, but still--- a key job to be in for
intelligence gathering, which would be useful for an opposition
corporation such as Google, Microsoft, or a govenment's intelligence
operation who is trying to keep up to speed with current developments.

As a senior software developer, you can slip code into software, this
is the most damaging threat for Yahoo, than simple staff and
operational reconnaissance inside Yahoo.

To finished off and reference back to your orginal comment that Yahoo
wouldn't allow strangers to walk about Yahoo, this might be the case,
but the most sophisticated spies at Yahoo joined up, and in this case
were fast tracked into Yahoo at the end of the 1990s when it was
evident to the intelligence services Yahoo was becoming a major

This is only the french intelligence service, so think what creatures
the CIA and MI6 currently have inside Yahoo, a corporation about to be
taken over by Microsoft corporation---or others.

The person is now in his 30s, when I knew him he was 24/25.. I no
longer monitor what's going on at the Yahoo underworld, but I was a
part of it at the time when Yahoo corporation was a successful
corporation on the internet.

I could go further indepth but I don't think it would be appropriate
without having to name names in public.


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