Re: [Full-disclosure] Free Tibet..

Hey Jun,

Tibet was invaded during the cultural revolution and has been captive since.

Why don't you get an education, then cry foul rather than pin your
lack of knoledge on anybody.

I live in Canada (PRC West)
I Had a Chinese National try to compare the running over of people
with tanks to the fact that Americans can not just hop on a plain and
visit cuba. He called them comparable human rights violations.

Let's add a bit of lead paint and pesticides to this little string too.

Please pull you head out of your government arse, and read news and
history from outside China. O you can't,,, Never mind.

Will some one post a link to the film Red Violin for this guy their is
a good part about the cultural revolution during the time China
invaded Tibet.

I will agree this is a security list and I sift thru enough crap posted here.

Thanks, and FREE TIBET!!!!

PRC Communist, BAD

Tibet peace loving Theocracy Not As Bad

Quoting Jun Zhao <mr.rain0@xxxxxxxxx>:

another question to all of u guy raving "Free Tibet": how much do you know
about China?

Do you know how long that Tibet belong to China? and why not go back and
check how long of your country was combined? then please compare the time
and then open your mouth.

"Free Tibet"?????

go to see what happen in Tibet and why Tibet is one of a part of China:

And This is list about Security, PL stop here.


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