Re: [Full-disclosure] Its time to get serious about Storm Worm / RBN

On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 2:32 AM, worried security
<worriedsecurity@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
We need the security community to send messages to the white house
level folks


to put pressure on the russian government to allow the
storm worm folks and the russian business network be arrested.

did Alexander Litvinenko teach you nothing?

... n3td3v thinks russia is the number one cyber threat to
online society not china.

the usgov cares about military / SCI infosec, not joe blow typing his
platinum visa into a phish...

I've had enough of state sponsoring of storm
worm by the russian government. I'm reaching out to the security
community ... to get this super bot net dismantled.

DHT's are fragile; do it yourself. u l33t h4x0r d00d

[... paranoid delusional ramblings truncated for brevity and sanity ... ]

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