Re: [Full-disclosure] On Topic Off Topic: How To Behave On An Internet Forum

On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 8:18 AM, Gadi Evron <ge@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

what you gonna do when all the trolls who are college kids like me
grow up and don't troll anymore and take note of your video blog, and
then you're the only one left on the list, still trolling away about
your life and career, as an adult. does that not make you a very sad
person? i feel sorry for you evron, you're a 40 year old troll, by far
the stupidest person on the list in terms of intellect...and the
trolls who we areyoung folks without a clue and who are you? you're
ment to be the responsible adult who knows best, but you real name
troll all the time. more power to you or more power to us? you are the
loser in the world of trolling. when you die i will remember as a
troll and nothing else. you have crediblity problems evron, it sunk
away from you when you tried to get the term 0-day dropped from the
industry. how low will you go further? you trolled gnucitizen's
legitimate disclosure, to better your own reputation, but it failed
miserbly. now you have a power struggle to hold onto, on the mailing
lists to stay fore front and relevant, and you couldn't think of
anything security related to talk about, so you thought you would try
and pioneer the end of f-d trolling. yet you prove again and again to
be the biggest adult 40 year old troll ever, who should know better
than us college kids. yet it fails to register with you continually.
so tell us gadi evron, was this not a troll or not a troll, and i
protested why they let a troll on bugtraq at the time... but they
still let the 40 year old troll and troll again, to ruin bugtraq and
the mailing lists generally.
you've got a cheek to talk about trolling, you complete jerk off.

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