Re: [Full-disclosure] [inbox] in Memory of Dude VanWinkle / Justin Plazzo

It truly is a sad day today that JP died. I know some people didn't like
his postings, but that doesn't really matter. It's truly sad when one of
our own dies unexpectedly like this, truly sad. Does anyone have any news
as to how this tragedy happened?

He surely will be missed, he always added a little "spice" to certain
topics that will forever be gone.

Rest in peace JP, the universe is now yours to explore...


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I was just woken up with the news of Justin's death and am unsure what to
think or how to respond--I need to. I feel things are left unfinished, a
light just disappeared without warning, and all I can think of is what I
said to him, when and where. Was I nice? Was I respectful? Did I always
treat him right? What could I do differently? What will our small corner of
the universe look like without him?

What's clear is that he was a good guy who strove to always do better and
was not afraid of voicing his opinion or making himself heard. He was also
quick to apologize when necessary. His opinions never stopped him from
seeing the person on the other side.

He took subjects he discussed seriously, but never lost sight of the fun.
He never stopped learning and he evolved a great deal over the past couple
of years in which I had the opportunity to know him. One day, I was hoping
to meet him. He was a good guy.

He became an integral part of our community and only now I realize how much
that is true.

He cared. I care. He is missed.

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