Re: [Full-disclosure] PWDumpX v1.4

Dear Markus,
I really am sorry, I really am sorry that you are so intellectually

most of us here who use the CLI are DEVELOPERS/EXPERTS/ETC we use CLI
and GUI with equal fluency and
supply one or the other if lacking according to our favorite tools, the
fact that you complain that the CLI you cant understand and that
you cant supply the GUI yourself means you are subscribed to a mailing
list above your technical level, either UNSUBSCRIBE IMMEDIATELY(to avoid
further frustrating yourself) or immediately enroll in the nearest
community college/ Continuing education for Adults(Basic Unix
Familiarity)/GED(with Computer literacy training included).
I am really trying to help here to help you avoid further frustration!

warmest regards
a bugtraq denizen

Markus Jansson wrote:
How about a nice GUI? Or atleast some kind of GUI?

I dont know what OS are you using, but I stopped using MS-DOS about 15
years ago. Im sure there are folks out there who just loooove command
line crap, mostly Linux users I suppose, they obiously are still
missing what even Windows 3.11 had. But most of us who live in "this
day" are used on using OS and programs that work via GUI.

Thank you.

Markus Jansson

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