Re: [Full-disclosure] Critical Vulnerability in [Full-Disclosure]

So you included me in here because my name has something to do with farm
equipment? Did your message have a point?

You wrote a bunch of nonsense flattering your favorite security stars and
then attempted to flame us with one liners that did not make sense.. It
seems you are caught in between the serious posters ( since you have no
skill, you cannot post anything useful), and the trolls ( because you are
not funny or convincing ).

My version of full disclosure is calling out idiots with Cissps and Phds who
post here and think their XSS and earth shattering barragess of 0x41's makes
them security experts.

On Jan 2, 2008 10:46 AM, <31415926@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Critical Vulnerability in [Full-Disclosure]

The problem with full disclosure is that everyone feels the need to
fully disclose, even when their opinion and the information they
are purporting to impart is, well, bollocks. You can't tell them to
shut up as they think they're important and the internet gives them
balls of steel and verbal diarhoea, so we stumble from one tired
flamewar to another with no useful content being published.

It's embarrassing.

I'm an advocate of FD as a concept. I believe that there is no such
thing as an innocent on the internet and if you really are that
dumb, then you deserve everything you get. FD (as one of many like-
minded lists) forces the vendors to patch or die and eventually
write quality code. FD (the concept, not the list) is the ultimate
nuclear deterrent, without the mutually assured destruction lunacy.

I have watched the posters to this list for some time. By far the
vast majority are transparently kiddies, sitting on their painted-
up laptops thinking of themselves as the techno-brats in the film
"Hackers" and hoping to grow up to be like the guy in the film
"Swordfish". They write in l33t5p34k and think that this somehow
makes them informed. Kiddies are the lowest form of life in the
hierarchy of information security and in the IT industry generally.

You know who you are and so does everyone else. You are fools, and
an embarrassment to the craft:
Secreview (review of products/services you have never bought, are
you the receiver?)
Reepex (Isn't a reepex a bit of farm machinery?)
Gobbles (A nickname for a gay male prostitute)
Morning Wood (The holy grail of the viagra-abuser)
Gmaggro ("high value target selection", are you completely cocking

Oh, the outrage.

I can see it now. there will be armies of skiddies demanding that
the l33tz hack this f@cker, spam him, pwn him, and post defamatory
messages concerning her skills and possible employment
opportunities for her and her mother everywhere possible. Guess
what, kids? I don't care.

No, not even a little bit. Do what you like, I could care less and
no one else cares if you live or die tonight, you sad, acne'd
little dewdrops.

Calmed down yet?

Good. I want you to consider something.

The FD list consists of the following content (and what it has to

Advisories by vendors (we fixed this)
Advisories by individuals (I tested that and found this)
Advisories by infosec organisations (we found this)
Funnies (self explanatory)
Opinions (this sucks, what about that?)
Skids (I did this, aren't I great, everyone else sucks?)
Trolls (you suck)
Trawlers (I have something 0day to buy or sell)

The top three (ie the useful content) is available in any one of a
hundred places, the bottom three are noise. The only people
interested in the noise are those who keep track of it for a

So, consider that by posting anything in the bottom three
categories, you are drawing the attention of those who take an
interest in your sad efforts to destabilise the technical crutch of
society. These people are better than you in every important way,
and if you so much as tiptoe across one of their lines, you'll wind
up sharing a cell with a 7ft gorilla called george with a dead
mouse and a pressing need to dry-cornhole your ringpiece 3 times a
night and twice on sundays. Do yourselves a favour and STFU.

What's left?

The funnies and the opinions. I've laughed my tits off at posts by
Mssrs Coderman, Diggle, Dripping, VanWinkle and Mengele, and i've
been interested by a few others who will remain nameless as I can't
list them all. Long live full disclosure, but keep in mind that
you're only legends in your own bedrooms.

later, pi

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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
Hosted and sponsored by Secunia -

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