[Full-disclosure] January 4th Chicago 2600 Meeting Information

The January Chicago 2600/DefCon 312 Meeting is near! The meeting
will be Friday,
January 4th at the Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club and will feature
much of the same usual fun that all of you have grown to expect!

* Laptop (Mac/Linux/Windows) capable of running VMWare
* Laptop with full Ruby on Rails and ruby-sqllite3 installed.

[Presentation Information]
- 9:00pm - Distributed Nmap: How to Automate Scans for an Environment
- Tentative - Jax By Jaku
- After hours - Wii, Music, Socializing, etc.

[General Information]
- Meeting Time: 7.00pm - Approx. 3-5am
- Meeting Date: Friday, January 4th
- Place : 2501 W Irving Park Road, Chicago
- More Info : http://chicago2600.net

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