Re: [Full-disclosure] [Professional IT Security Providers - Exposed] QuietMove ( D - )

Marcin Wielgoszewski here, the "green consultant" you mentioned but
chose not to focus on. I'm not sure what you mean by "green," but
whatever. I have just finished my bachelor's degree, have done
internships with some Fortune-100's and I am constantly doing research
on my own. I also make an effort to attend every conference and local
meet-up. I have my own blog I started at,
you can read and learn more about me.

Onto QuietMove and Adam Muntner... QuietMove was founded by Adam and
the other two folks you mention. I have done some part-time work with
Adam over the past couple months while finishing up my last semester.
Adam knows this industry inside-out, and one of only several people I
would say really knows his stuff. I'm sorry the website doesn't have an
infosec glossary of terms for you to study for your Security+. I guess
looking on LinkedIn and the website passes off as "research" nowadays.
Couldn't you have at least used Maltego to look deeper into this? I was
actually going to make a post about how pathetic the "research" some
people have tried to pass off lately in security, and no one, except for
a few have called anyone out on it.

Some security consulting firms you would give a higher score are some of
the firms we've picked up where traceroute, whois and their nmap
scanners left off.

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