Re: [Full-disclosure] Small Design Bug in Postfix - REMOTE

On Fri, 14 Dec 2007 13:52:33 CST, Adam N said:

No, the idea is that you are a user with no login access, only FTP.
By doing this, you get shell access (with sane privileges, thankfully) when
you're supposed to only have FTP.

And this is why, for at least 2 decades, it's been recommended that people
doing the "FTP-only user" put the writeable directories for that user under
~ftp/$USER or some such, rather than ~$USER, and make the login shell for the
user /bin/false, and other such things.

For bonus points - if it's an FTP-only userid, why does the sysadmin not
have e-mail for the userid *blocked*? After all, if they can't login, they
can't *read* any mail that gets delivered to the system. Even if you fix
the MTA to drop mail directly in $HOME/mbox, it's the rare FTP daemon that
understands the locking needed to make this work - that's the primary
reason why the POP protocol was invented.

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