[Full-disclosure] Google Sacure V2.0 -- Sacure Corporation

Dear Sacure Corporation, Todd Michael Cohan and FD:

This will be my last email, its getting boring, but I figured that
I'd give Sacure the chance to clear the air.

I've done a bit of research on the Sacure Corporation (Google) and
decided that instead of "bashing" Sacure I'd just ask them some
direct questions in public forum. And now, without further ado here
are my questions for Sacure (cc'd on this email):

1-) Why was your first customer portal a fake portal?

Proof: (taken from Sacure's old portal)

<input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Login"
onClick="alert('Access Denied!')";/>

2-) Why has your second (current) customer portal been broken since
August of 2007 (according to Google's cache)? (Or, you can just
try to login to your customer portal as many of us have, we all
get the same SQL error.)

3-) Question 2 makes us wonder, do you have any customers that use
Managed Security Services? If so, how can you afford to have
portal broken for so long?

4-) How can you be a "leader" if your customers can't even login to
portal? Aren't you lying to your customers?

Thank you for your time. You must be very busy doing important
security stuff like Penetration Tests with Cross Site Shipping

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