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So it wouldn't make much sense to create connection noise on a TCP or
HTTP basis, as this stuff isn't logged. I think one should rather
concentrate on generating email noise in this regard.
So the FD trolls are protecting us from the surveillance state(s)? Eat
your heart out, Robert K. Merton.
Just to make myself clear: I don't think it is a viable option to create
email noise, I just pointed out that it makes more sense than TCP/HTTP

As for using encryption: the fact that communication has happened (with
respect to email, at least) can't be hidden, at least not if one or both
ends of the communication are with a big public email provider.
(Remember that you only have to comply with this law if you provide
email/internet/telephony to the _public_, i.e. if you are a private
person with a private mailserver for your family and friends, this
doesn't apply to you - yet.)

Personally, I think that the best option to act against this nonsense is
a lawsuit at the Federal Constitutional Court (aka
Bundesverfassungsgericht), which has shown in the past that it is
willing to live up to its name and defend the "Grundgesetz" against too
information-greedy governments.

Yours, Florian

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