Re: [Full-disclosure] Standing Up Against German Laws - Project HayNeedle

I'm also from Germany, but I do not agree with your understanding
of the new law.

I share your understanding. And I must agree that my formulations
regarding this should have been more clear. In the blog-entry it says
"This includes assigned IP addresses as well as telephone calls."

And no, this is not the ultimate solution or anything. The theory behind
it is as follows: Your assigned IP is recorded. And it may be logged at
sites where you are not supposed to be. Both under "good" as well as
under "bad" governments. All HayNeedle does is to create plausible
deniability. Of course this is not a "You get out of jail free" card. It
doesn't even guarantee to be any help. It just might help in some cases.

If you want to help, please
subscribe to the class-action law suit against
'Vorratsdatenspeicherung' [3].

I am. :) Any project that helps is great in my opinion.

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