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I'm not sure if you accidentally quoted my reply or not there, because
if you did you're completely missing my point. My issue is with the
format and content (or lack thereof) of the first post, I don't think
I mentioned the iPhone, *BSD, MS or at any stage said anything at all
that would indicate I was taking any side in the 'which OS sucks more
balls than any other' debate.

With respect to my OSX comments: I was just trying to point out there
are some similarities (9X vs OSX) as far as consumer confidence and
education. It took blaster and 66k other viruses before the average
windows user knew what a computer virus was. Will it take the same
level of SNAFU for Apple customers to know they shouldn't click on a
text file that has #!/bin/sh or have they learned from Windows
mistakes that you only need to worry about .bat and .exe files? Only
time will tell. (I know it asks if you want to display or run the

In respect to which OS is better: The OS you know how to best use is
the better of the two. I will take education over default
configuration any day.

With respect to the iPhone comments: I brought that up because like
win9x, everything is run as "root".

With respect to the MS comments: Well, I tend to babble a lot :-)

-JP<who has lost his soapbox privileges for a month due to harshing
nnp's mellow>

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