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There's a difference between ignoring something and making a statement like

'OS X is the new Windows 98.'

OK How about "iPhone is the new Win9x"? It is running a type of OSX,
one that is configured to use root for everything.

I repeatedly hear that OSX is secure because BSD is a well picked
through OS. Developers have had 30 some odd years to work out the
bugs/vulns. What people are not taking into consideration is that if
you install a single insecure app, (I.E: IE for Mac or Safari) and
then use it to update your myspace profile and browse pr0n; you have
to take additional preventative measures or will no longer have a
secure system.

This will be compounded by the fact that most corporations don't see a
need to shell out the bucks for AV/AS for Macs. AV/AS by itself is not
a great defense, but at least its something.

Anyhoo, to reiterate: OSX !BSD. Windows had a hell of a time securing
its OS in part due to all the bells and whistles and also in part
because they would release an insecure product with the semi-intention
of patching later. The iPhone's configuration proves that Apple will
release products that do not conform to well known security best
practices as well (the least of which is don't run everything as
root). This makes me think that Apple is 1990's-M$-like in its pursuit
of functionality over security .

BTW: Did anyone test out whether the Mac AV/AS products detected this trojan?


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