Re: [Full-disclosure] 10 reasons websites get hacked

Usually I delete your e-mail but this one is worthy of a comment.

Yeah, look at the staff members of Zone-H, they are true script kid of the
highest order...

And the content management system used on their site alone signals major
lameness activity by those who keep the servers alive from daily DDoS
attacks from folks who hate their gutts.

Juha-Matti Laurio if you want to be taken as a serious security researcher
on Full-disclosure, you'll distance yourself from the Zone-H agenda.

We've already noticed your support for Zone-H in the past via
Full-dsiclosure, Funsec and other places which allow your unmoderated
support for the largely script kiddie web defacement site known as Zone-H.
No one on any respected mailing list would ever support your support for
visitors to visit the web site that only promotes the malicious point
scoring between web defacement hacker groups.

You Juha-Matti Laurio are wrong to post a hyper link towards the Zone-H
domain, and you are wrong to suggest the site offers any credibility in any
security research agenda.

But of course, you have connections with SecuriTeam, a company closely
related with Gadi Evron.

Gadi Evron largely hated for his postings of lameness promoting lameness and
making Zone-H seem elite to the non educated crowd of security newbies.

Juha-Matti Laurio, I suggest you distance yourself from Zone-H, Gadi Evron
and seriously review what you're openly broadcasting on unmoderated mediums
such as the Full-Disclosure mailing list.

You don't want to happen to you what happened to Gadi Evron do you? Thats
the complete bring down of you as a person and your political agenda on
mailing lists, leaving you poltically injured and unable to fully operate
again on high profile lists.

And on the matter of 10 reasons website are hacked, XSS is not near the top..
While XSS is disclosed alot , its still not the most used attack vector to
carry out high profile cyber attacks.

Password attacks via XSS doesn't matter to the government, the government
are only interested in attack vectors which can bring down the economy and
public saftey issues.

So, Juha-Matti Laurio, leave your lame links for another mailing list.

This list and Bugtraq only care about the mission critical and the mission
critical is only web links and vulnerability disclosures that affect
corporate and national security.

Your link has no side effect on government or corporate security, so think
again before posting such a link.

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