Re: [Full-disclosure] 0-day PDF exploit

Why everybody said it is a zero day about PDF? it's just a fault in IE7, or just want to make a big media hit? real PDF zero day will exists in the PDF's file format, or some Adobe's expanded functions.

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From: biz4rre@xxxxxxxxx
To: full-disclosure@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Full-disclosure] 0-day PDF exploit
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 15:00:14 +0300

Zero day PDF exploit for Adobe Acrobat

Link to exploit:

Please download and open it locally in Adobe Acrobat (not in Adobe Acrobat
ActiveX control):


0-day proof of concept (PoC) exploit for Adobe Acrobat.

Software affected:

+ Adobe Reader 8.1 (and earlier)
+ Adobe Acrobat Standard, Pro and Elements 8.1 (and earlier)
+ Adobe Acrobat 3D

System affected:

+ Windows XP with IE7


To view exploit code in Adobe Acrobat go to: Pages -> Page Properties ->
(trigger: Page Open, action: Open a web link)

This is URL handling bug in shell32!ShellExecute()


Currently unavailable.

Thanks to:

pdp (at) for his investigation

cyanid-E <biz4rre@xxxxxxxxx>

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